M (merrypandora) wrote in fruitcakes,

The Great Fruitcake Reconnect

I second the need to reconnect (or third, I guess, since Nik was talking about it). I've been wanting to for a while but things just haven't really been working in my favor (and I haven't been either) so I just never seem to have the time. June 20th seems to be the Solstice this year (majority say from the internet, looks to happen after 11 p.m.) so we could probably do something on the 21st (saturday) and not be too far off... just need to make kid-care arrangements. I would love to have a fire, though not sure we'll get to do that... but maybe we'll get the patio this year... anyway, that's off subject. Perhaps we could plan something for that weekend? with tea beforehand for planning, of course...
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