M (merrypandora) wrote in fruitcakes,

Rafe is coming back to Seattle!!

Woohoo... how awesome is that? Stupid Santa Monica thieves *grumble grumble*... and, on a different note, Christmas party... I have to work tomorrow a.m., how freaking stupid is that? Gonna have to work Saturday, too... and Monday. *more grumbling* Somehow I went from having pretty good Christmas vacation to having no real vacation at all because I've been working over since we're so behind. But I should still be free around noon and should be available for picking up around 12:30-1. I checked Fandango but show times aren't available yet so probably won't be until tonight, I guess... thought I'd be able to find 'em so we could plan but no such luck. We dressing up tomorrow? If so, how so? Wow, the weather is messed up... it was just sunny with pretty blue sky and white fluffy clouds now it's quite dark and there's a weird heavy rain/hail mix... thunderstorm, perhaps? k, I'm done rambling now. I had thought I had something productive to say when I logged on, I swear lol
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