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es ka pay!

I don't think I have posted in here in more than a year. I haven't really posted at all lately... I guess I just haven't been that witchy or fruitcakey for the past...6 years?
Luckily with Matt around I'm beginning to crawl out of my funk and find myself again. And the more that I find myself and start reclaiming who I was(the person i thought my ex destroyed)the better I feel! And Matt doesn't seem to mind either :) No matter how weird I've gotten he says he likes it, so I think he may be a keeper...

I was really sad to find Moonflower closing today. We don't have any shops around here as fas as I've noticed aside from them. Seeing as how I've been getting everything I needed from them for ages, I'd feel weird going anywhere else. I think 90% of my rocks came from that place... Anyway. It was just kinda depressing. It was the first time I saw the sign in the window so I thought I'd go back next paycheck to pick up some stuff, but when I asked how long they'd be open he said "about twenty two minutes" It was just kinda a shock. It's funny how quickly the things you come to depend on can go away. Had I not drove by there on a whim today I totally wouldn't have known.

Anyway! I've been buying rocks like mad lately. Picked up a nice piece of Peruvian flourite at a nice little agate and bead shop in Ellensburg. I also picked up something called Mookite :) It's this nifty purpley red and cream Australian stuff, but mostly I just liked the name. (my man just asked me to molest him...thats why i like him. we are presently getting trashed and making fun of bear grills) I bought a really nice rutilated quartz pendant and a black star sapphire pendant. Matt has given me a huge chuck of rose quartz which I regularly sleep with :) I've been keeping a hunk of labrodorite tucked in my bra as well :) I haven't touched my faerie cards in ages and I think they are beginning to feel left out. Whenever I go home they yell at me to take them with me. Since I've pretty much been living at Matt's place(much to the dismay of his soulless roommate) my parents house is kinda fae free. It's sad. I used to catch little hints of them all the time but not now that I'm never there. I think they are finding me at Matt's tho. I believe they've been after his car keys and what not :)

But yeah, I'm totally feeling the need to reconnect as well. I miss our little picnics in the woods by the river. Cheese and apples and a blanket. Just being Daughters out in the dirt :) I think we need to schedule another meeting!! I need to restock my candle supply and recharge my "things" and just get out there an do it. I need to do some SERIOUS reconnecting. So I say we plan a girl day/nite. We need pick a nice day to spend on a hike with with waterfalls and do a good cleansing. Then just a girl nite. NO BOYS! :) I vote naughty nitey party and midnight margaritas!! I dunno. The rum is kicking in and my typing is going down the hole...
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