Raine (ebonyraine) wrote in fruitcakes,

21 Dec- Our Xmas Get Together

So ladies,
I haven't heard any real concrete plans for the 21st, so I thought I'd offer a dinner option:

I have a nice, shiny fondue pot that needs christening. I would like to offer up my humble abode for some sort of evening food post movie. Perhaps we could order in or have some sort of pot luck do... I'm happy to do some cooking and use some of the appliances I was given for wedding gifts (crock pot, fondue thingy... blender- and you know what that means)... dunno, whatever.

This is partially a selfish offer as I'd like to have Ewan along and I'm not going to take him to a movie. That and I really want to use this fondue thingy... someone had a chocolate fountain at the work Xmas do, and I'm feeling inspired.

What were you thinking?
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